Sleep tight with our 10-year warranty!

1. A 10-year warranty on any defects in materials or workmanship is applicable on all ZZAK mattresses and covers.

2. The warranty period begins on the delivery date and ends 10 years later.

3. We can replace or repair your mattress (during the warranty period) in each of these cases:

a. Permanent indentations of more than 0.75 inch;
b. Slit or cracked foam due to physical flaws despite normal usage;
c. The zipper or the mattress cover have one or more manufacturing defects.

4. The 10-year warranty does not apply in any of these cases:

a. Improper usage of the mattress;
b. Mattress damage caused by the use of an inappropriate bed base or a box spring, or a bed base that does not offer the proper support for the mattress;
c. Mould on the mattress due to the installation of the mattress on a bed base or in a room that does not allow adequate air circulation;
d. Any damage caused by a lack of maintenance;
e. Any damage caused by burns, cracks, stains, cuts or body fluids;
f. Any decrease in the normal firmness of the mattress due to normal use of the product.

5. The warranty applies only if you have removed the protective plastic from the mattress and extended the mattress no more than two weeks after the delivery date.

6. The ZZAK mattress warranty applies only to the original buyer.

7. In order to maintain product warranty, the mattress label must not have been removed.

8. Photos of the damaged mattress are required when using the warranty.

9. If the mattress cover is to be replaced, the colour of the mattress may be different due to availability of the ZZAK inventory.

10. The shipping and handling fees are covered by the warranty if and only if the mattress is located at the address of the original order (in Canada only).