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    5 star review  I was going to wait until we had had a chance to form a solid opinion on this mattress before reviewing it but there's no point - we're hooked! We've only been sleeping on it for the last few nights and it is honestly a game changer. It has made a world of difference and I'm so stoked we bought it! I love that I can get less sleep than I normally need and wake up totally refreshed and rested. TEN GOLD STARS FOR ZZAK!

    thumb Rye Porritt

    5 star review  The customer service is absolutely amazing. Quick responses to questions and personalized support. This is mattress is hands down the best thing to happen to my sleep. It's firmer than most memory foam mattresses I have experienced. I have been able to fall into a deeper sleep and it has helped my insomnia. I would 100% recommend this mattress to anyone. I have been on it for about a month now and I have not found anything negative about it.

    thumb Katelyn Wagorn

    5 star review  Bravo! Un merveilleux produit, un excellent service à la clientèle; le tout de Montréal. Wow!

    thumb Sabrina Lévesque

    5 star review  Very firm yet soft. You sink right in and get support even behind your ankles ! I will say this, the base matters. I had my mattress on my box springs but found the springs didn't give me the support I was looking for so I put the mattress on the floor and it was night and day difference. So now now I'm looking for a better base. Best mattress I've ever had !

    thumb Barry Campbell

    5 star review  We got our matters a few days ago & after a few nights of sleeping on it I have to give it five stars. My wife & I love it! It’s beautifully comfortable & so quiet. It’s wonderful.

    thumb William O'Kane

    5 star review  

    thumb Chevy Jackson

    5 star review  Service à la clientèle EXCELLENT, livraison rapide, très bon produit québécois de qualité et très abordable je le recommande sans hésitation !

    thumb Dave Guimond

    5 star review  

    thumb Hélène Morin

    5 star review  Couldn't wait to sleep on my new Zzak mattress. It lives up to the hype. Super comfortable. Its firm, but you sink in and kind of feel like you're floating. It's strange going from a pocket coil to memory foam, but I have no regrets. Being a side sleeper I'd always wake up with sore shoulders, not with Zzak. Take advantage of the 100 night guarantee. Ive had mine for 2 nights and I'm not looking back.

    thumb Lucas Maciuk

    5 star review  J'adore notre nouveau matelas. Commande et reception facile �

    thumb Laurence Lamontagne

    5 star review  After many months of reseaching the "mattress in a box" option since I dispise the in store experiance when mattress shopping, I decided on a ZZAK. I personally have never seen any bed in the box option in person so my decision was strictly based on information online and my better judgement and so far I feel I made a great choice. One thing I noticed about all the companies online offering a mattress solution is that they are all very similar, and the top competitors are those with the biggest marketing push to get their name out there. Once you look deeper into the product they are all very similar with slight variances in construction, differences that do not justify the huge price differences between brands. With ZZAK, their pricing was excellent for what they where offering in comparison to other retailers once you look at what is exactly in each mattress. Since your shopping online, reading reviews that say how comfortable the mattress is holds little meaning, since everyBODY is different. What works for one person may not work for you and visa versa, what you should be looking at is the quality of materials, customer service and firmness rating. At the end of the day ZZAK fit the bill, they have a quality product, made in canada, zero off gassing, great customer service and pricing that can not be beat ! This is why they are getting a 5 star review from me. I wont comment on how my sleep is on it since like I said, its irrelevent. Rely on the sleep guarente and try it yourself ! my 5* review is for the product and the customer service I have recieved.

    thumb Chris Corcoran

    5 star review  The customer service at Zzak made the purchase process seamless. Great customer service and product. I highly recommend.

    thumb Donald RL

    5 star review  Great Canadian company! I love my mattress and with such competitive prices I would recommend to anyone in the market for a mattress.

    thumb Justin Brooks

    5 star review  Got my mattress today , well packed and on time as promised.

    thumb Pardhu Madarapu

    5 star review  It was so easy to order a ZZAK mattress and get it to our cottage at the lake! We had it delivered to Winnipeg, it came perfectly rolled up in a box, then we drove it two hours to the lake. It fit easily into our trunk of our car. Once there we loaded it into our boat to take to the island where we had to cart it up about 30 stairs to our cabin. Got it to the bedroom we wanted it for, unrolled it and 24 hours later had the best sleep in our lives. So easy! No way we could have done that with a king mattress. Thinking of buying another one for our home in the city. I highly recommend this company and their product. Shawnee and Mike

    thumb Shawnee Scatliff

    5 star review  Awesome mattress ! I recommend it to everyone !

    thumb Antonia Aubert Surprenant

    5 star review  

    thumb Lin Blackburn

    5 star review  Ok, attention !! Meilleure expérience client depuis longtemps ! Un exemple à suivre en termes de commerce en ligne et de service à la clientèle. Talia, avec son efficacité que je qualifie de « nucléaire », m’a fait sentir comme si j’étais leur seul au monde avec mes demandes interminables. Et que dire du produit, non seulement confortable, mais livré directement à la maison dans une boîte. Alléluia ! Organisation montréalaise, produit fabriqué à Montréal ! Bravo aux propriétaires qui ont su transmettre ces valeurs et cette culture à l’organisation. ps: Nop, je ne fais pas partie du cercle d’amis des propriétaires, je suis seulement un client totalement satisfait !

    thumb Jonathan Chap

    4 star review  

    thumb Irwin Joineau

    5 star review  

    thumb Totor Franco

    5 star review  First of all, I just wanna say that this is an honest review. No one encouraged me to do it in any ways. Couple weeks ago, i accidently ended up on this page while looking for matresses-in-a-box. I found the prices pretty fair, and growing up in Montreal I felt like I'd rather help a hometown company instead of giving money to Casper/Leesa/Sealy etc. I contacted the customer service for little issues, and I want to say that this is BY FAR the best freaking customer service I've ever had (Trust me, I know a lot about customer service) . A woman named Talia followed my case through the process while being so responsive, accurate with her answers and kind. She even managed to get me my mattress in less than a week ! Now the mattress itself. I started shopping at Sears, looking for their final deals but the prices were still to high for me as a student. I remember trying that 3000$ tempur-pedic mattress and thinking "I wish I was able to afford it". The Zzak mattres felt exactly like it ! I was so amazed by how supportive yet soft it was ! They are really made for every sleeper since me and my girlfriend are really different in our mattresses type! Don't hesitate to buy yourself one. It really is a great company overall ! No flaws.

    thumb Aziz Djebali

    5 star review  

    thumb Alex Yehus Tremblay

    5 star review  Je suis super satisfaite de mon matelas, il est vraiment confortable! Je ne veux plus me lever le matin car je suis trop bien dans mon lit!! Juste la bonne fermeté! Le personnel est vraiment sympathique et répondent rapidement aux questions. Je vous le recommande!! 🙂

    thumb Andréanne Talbot

    5 star review  Ça fait une semaine qu'on dort sur notre matelas ZZAK... Pus capable de se lever ! Sérieusement, franchement confo. Enfin un matelas qui s'adapte au corps tout en restant ferme. Bon prix et excellente qualité... Un solide produit montréalais !

    thumb Maxime Corbin

    5 star review  

    thumb Mia Desrosiers

    5 star review  J'ai communiqué avec Jérôme Rossman et j'ai eu un service exceptionnelle!!! J'ai commandé le matelas sur internet et quelques heures plus tard je recevait par courriel une confirmation de Ups pour confirmer ma livraison �� Merci beaucoup je vais vous référer à 800%

    thumb Marie-Christine Leveillee

    5 star review  I took a chance on ZZAK Sleep and soo happy that I did! Loving my new King sized mattress! 😍

    thumb Kelsey Delsie

    5 star review  

    thumb Kenzo Laituce Bacon Tomato

    5 star review  

    thumb Julien R. Dion

    5 star review  Amazing sleep and great prices. Won't go back to another mattress

    thumb Turk Scatliff

    5 star review  J'adore mon matelas Zzak ! Je le recommande ! Le service est impeccable,les garanties super et c'est un produit d'ici !

    thumb Nancy Bordeleau

    5 star review  My new favorite mattress! Bought two for my lakehouse. Transportation couldn't have been any easier. Quick delivery. �

    thumb Alexis Sparling

    5 star review  Matelas parfait et confortable comme jamais! Nous sommes sous le charme de ZZAK Sleep!

    thumb Lucie-Rose Lévesque

    5 star review  My brother recently purchased a ZZAK mattresses. While he was away last week I tried sleeping in his bed and oh my goodness - I had no back pain in the morning like I normally do with my bed. That being said I'm going to buy oneeee! � Can't wait!

    thumb Kelsey Lane

    5 star review  Super comfortable! Thank you for delivering it as fast as you said you would!

    thumb Luc Roche

    5 star review  En arrivant, j'ai été très bien accueilli, et j'ai essayé le matelas WOW j'ai acheté tout de suite!

    thumb Annick Latour

    5 star review  I have always loved foam mattresses. Zzak is one of the best I have ever purchased. I recently found out they are also made in Montreal! Love it! 🙂

    thumb Talia Scatliff

    5 star review  

    thumb Kad Mok

    1 star review  

    thumb Gord Garbutt

    5 star review  J'adore et je le recommande vivement.

    thumb Max Azoulay

    5 star review  

    thumb Graham Guertin-Santerre

    5 star review  

    thumb Cathy-Ann Gagnon

    5 star review  L’expérience est vraiment cool (la boite, le matelas, de meilleur nuits etc). Ca fait du bien d’enfin bien dormir.

    thumb Mathieu Beaudriault

    5 star review  Super matelas ! très confortable ! Au-dessus de mes attentes ! 🙂

    thumb Aracely Espinoza

    5 star review  

    thumb Daniel Benhamou

    5 star review  

    thumb Marjolaine Chartrand