Why do we snore?

Snoring is not dangerous. However it is the most mentioned cause of insomnia among the people that lives with a snorer. But, where does it come from? What are its causes and how can we get rid of it?

What is snoring?

Snoring is caused by the relaxation of the palate, uvula and tongue during sleep. Once they are relaxed, these parts of the mouth will disrupt the circulation of air in your airway and will cause some vibration: this is how the sound of snore is created. Some factors can also cause muscle relaxation and lead to a powerful noise.

What are the factors that encourage snoring?

Excess weight

Excess weight causes the narrowing of airways and leads to a more intense and noisier snore. Pregnant women, due to the weight gain caused by the pregnancy, are more often at risk of snoring a lot more than usual.

Alcohol Consumption

One of the particular effects of alcohol on the body is its capacity to dilate the blood vessels. Therefore, some of the respiratory muscles would automatically relax and make you snore during sleep.

Size of Tonsils

The size of your tonsils plays an important role when it’s time to talk about snoring. The bigger they are, the more they obstruct your airways, and the more you are going to snore.


The human tissues get more and more relax as we are getting older. The tissues of the airways are no exception: aging get people to snore!

How to stop snoring?

In a more natural way, getting to lose weight and to reduce alcohol consumption are two ways to prevent snoring. Also, in order to open your airways while you are sleeping, it is recommended to sleep on the back or on the side and to use a pillow that would adequately raise your head.